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Candle: under the sun


Bewitching fragrance for a tropical getaway

Immerse yourself in a summer atmosphere with our monoi scented candle.

Its enchanting scent will instantly transport you to the tropics, evoking warm sandy beaches, vacations and exotic islands. Treat yourself to a tropical getaway with our monoi scented candle.

Size: Small (100g, +/- 25h)
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Monoi Scented Candle: The Essence of Summer in your Home

Instantly transport yourself to a sunny white sandy beach with our Monoi scented candle. This exotic scent evokes vacations, islands and relaxing moments under the sun.

An intoxicating fragrance: The power of summer in your home

Our monoi scented candle is made from the highest quality ingredients to give you an unforgettable scent experience. The enchanting scent of monoi will take you on a journey to a tropical world, filled with floral and fruity scents.

Handmade for a long burning time

Our monoi scented candles are carefully handcrafted for a burn time of up to 45 hours. You can enjoy its enchanting scent throughout the day and night, creating a warm, summery atmosphere in your home.

An ideal gift for nature and island lovers

Whether you're looking to treat yourself to a tropical getaway at home or give a gift to a friend, our monoi scented candle is the perfect choice. Its seductive scent and long burn time will delight any nature and island lover.

With our monoi scented candle, you can bring a touch of summer into your home all year long. Treat yourself to an exotic getaway with the enchanting scent of our monoi scented candle, and evoke memories of your favorite vacation.

Data sheet

Rapeseed wax
Cotton wick
Perfume of Grasse (France)

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To make the most of your candle we advise you:

  • Do not let it burn more than 4 hours.
  • Do not leave unattended.
  • Always cut the wick to about 5mm before relighting.
  • Let the wax melt on the whole surface before extinguishing it to avoid the formation of tunnel.

Candle: under the sun