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Scented wax pebbles

Scented wax pebbles

Our scented and flowered wax pebbles are specifically developed to delicately perfume your small spaces: wardrobes, cupboards, dressing rooms...

Made with 100% vegetable rapeseed wax, they are decorated with bio flower petals and are mounted on a wooden base to avoid contact with other surfaces.

Use of our scented wax pebbles:

Nothing more to do than hang them wherever you want thanks to their linen string: closet, wardrobe, toilet, car (beware of high heat), toilet, small bathroom, or put them on your nightstand ...

Change your perfume according to the seasons, our pebbles perfume your home gently.

Composition of our scented wax pebbles:

- 100% vegetable wax of biodegradable, European and non-GMO rapeseed
- Perfumes without CMR and therefore without toxic fumes
- Organic and French flower petals
- Ecological and biodegradable linen twine
- FSC certified wooden base