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The Delicate : Peach

Let yourself be seduced by our artisanal peach scented candle.This French creation is a real treat for the senses, with a peach scent that evokes the delicious moments of summer. Its sweet and fruity aroma will remind you of sunny days spent enjoying juicy peaches. Each candle is unique thanks to...

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Mosquito repellent candle

No more mosquitoes at your parties Say goodbye to mosquitoes and hello to peace and quiet with our mosquito repellent candle. The secret? A blend of citronella and geranium, two plants that mosquitoes hate as much as you hate their bites!Handmade in France, this candle is as green as the...


Candle: Peach

Have you ever thought of trying our natural peach scented candle?It's a made-in-France masterpiece that feels like a summer vacation for your nose. The sweet, fruity aroma will have you dreaming of those lazy days, munching peaches under the sun.Immerse yourself in an unprecedented sensory voyage...

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The Delicate : Grapefruit

Refresh your space with our handcrafted grapefruit scented candle. Its invigorating aroma evokes sunny summer days and moments of simple pleasure.Handcrafted, each candle is unique with its handmade jar, bringing a touch of elegance to your home. Enjoy the soothing crackle of its wooden wick as...

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Candle The ephemeral Cherry...

Transform your home into a cherry blossom garden with our cherry blossom scented candle. Its sweet, floral scent brings a touch of spring to your home, inviting you to relax and enjoy every moment. Treat yourself to a moment of tranquility and serenity with our cherry blossom scented candle.


Candle: Grapefruit

Savor the moment with our natural French grapefruit-scented candle.Imagined and designed in France, this candle perfumes your home with an invigorating citrus scent that evokes an early-morning stroll through a grapefruit orchard. The vibrant scent of grapefruit gives your day a boost.A real...

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The Delicate: Tomato basil

Bring summer into your home with our handcrafted tomato basil scented candle. The delicious scent of tomato basil brings to mind lunches under the blue Mediterranean sky. The exquisite scent of freshly picked tomatoes combined with the aromatic fragrance of basil transforms any room into a...

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Candle The torrid Ginger

The Ginger Scented Candle is a must-have for those looking to create a spicy and uplifting ambiance.This candle offers an exotic and refreshing scent, with spicy notes of ginger, cardamom and black pepper that will pleasantly scent your home. Whether it's a relaxing or caliente evening, light...

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Candle: Tomato Basil

Immerse yourself in the summer atmosphere with our natural candle made in France, scented with tomato basil.A scent that evokes lapping waves, convivial meals on the terrace and laughter among friends. Its chic, transparent glass container lets you admire the wax slowly melting, like ice cream in...

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Candle refill

Refill according to your desires The scented candle refill, specially designed to refill your Delicate candle. An eco-friendly choice, thanks to this candle refill you will give it a second life and will make a gesture for the environment by reusing your decorative pot.Our scented candle refills...


Candle : Cloud of freshness

Discover the fresh, powdery aroma of our cotton flower scented candle.Handcrafted, this candle provides a soothing ambiance that fills any room with a soft, relaxing scent. The delicate notes of the cotton flower perfectly balance the freshness of the blooming petals, creating a soft and...


Scented candles

Quality and eco-responsibility

For those who appreciate quality and sustainability, our natural scented candles are made with a perfect blend of elegance and eco-responsibility. Handcrafted with 100% natural rapeseed wax, our scented candles are free of GMOs and pesticides, making them environmentally friendly and safe for you and your home.


A story of fragrance...

The story of our candles begins in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, where the unique scents used come from. With a rich history of perfumery dating back to the 16th century, Grasse is known for its unique ability to cultivate and extract fragrances from flowers and plants. The fragrances used in our natural scented candles are carefully crafted in Grasse, using traditional techniques passed down through generations. The perfumers in Grasse use only the finest ingredients to create scents that are both rich and authentic. From the delicate floral scents of jasmine and lavender to the warm and comforting aromas of vanilla and sandalwood, the fragrances used in these scented candles are a testament to the delicate art of perfumery.

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...and wax...

The fragrances that make our natural scented candles special are not the only component we are proud of. The rapeseed wax we use in these candles is a natural and sustainable alternative to traditional kerosene wax. Unlike kerosene wax, which is derived from petroleum, rapeseed wax is made from the oil of the rapeseed plant. This plant is easy to grow and its oil is a renewable resource that can be used in a variety of products.
In addition to being environmentally friendly, rapeseed wax burns cleaner and longer than traditional kerosene wax. This means that our scented candles not only offer a quality fragrance, but also a longer burn time. With their clean burning wax and high quality fragrances, scented candles are the perfect addition to your home.


...made in France

By making these scented candles in France, we believe that quality and sustainability can go hand in hand, and we are committed to creating products that are both environmentally friendly and high quality. From using renewable materials to committing to sustainable production methods, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We believe it is possible to create high quality products that are both qualitative and environmentally friendly, and our scented candles are proof of that.


The Inwi scented candle

The natural scented candle made in France is a perfect blend of luxury and sustainability. Handcrafted with 100% natural rapeseed wax and using fragrances sourced from Grasse, the Inwi scented candle offers a subtle and precise aroma as well as a longer burn time. With our commitment to sustainability and the environment, and by striving to reduce our impact on the environment, you no longer have to choose between quality and respect for nature. Translated with (free version)