Mother Candle-Night Light Jasmine Frangipani


Discover our jasmine-frangipani scented candle, an exotic blend of two emblematic flowers of Asia.

This scent evokes the softness and sensuality of these flowers, associated with beauty and femininity. The fragrance of jasmine is enhanced by the delicacy of frangipani, for an enchanting scent that will instantly transport you to a tropical garden. Light this candle for a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Size: Small (100g, +/- 25h)
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Discover our jasmine-frangipani scented candle for an exotic and enchanting atmosphere. The floral notes of jasmine blend harmoniously with the fruitier accents of frangipani for a unique olfactory experience. Our jasmine candle is perfect for creating a warm and soothing atmosphere in your home.

Let yourself be transported to a lush garden with our jasmine scented candle. Its enchanting scent will instantly transport you to exotic and distant lands. Enjoy the relaxing and soothing effect of this scent to unwind after a long day.

With our jasmine scented candle, you can create a romantic and sensual atmosphere in your home. Delicate floral notes mingle with fruity aromas for a subtle and refined scent. Light this candle during a romantic dinner or for a cocooning evening for two.

Treat yourself to an olfactory escapade with our jasmine scented candle. Its bewitching scent is ideal to relax and escape from your daily life. Thanks to its quality composition, the jasmine candle diffuses a subtle and long-lasting scent in your home.

Our jasmine scented candles are carefully crafted to ensure a quality scented experience. We use natural ingredients to create an authentic and refined scent. Enjoy the soothing and relaxing effect of this candle for an unforgettable moment of relaxation.

Data sheet

Rapeseed wax
Cotton wick
Perfume of Grasse (France)

Specific References

Top olfactory pyramid: Cyclamen, Orange
Heart olfactory pyramid : Jasmine, Frangipani
Bottom olfactory pyramid: Benjoin, Raspberry


To make the most of your candle we advise you:

  • Do not let it burn more than 4 hours.
  • Do not leave unattended.
  • Always cut the wick to about 5mm before relighting.
  • Let the wax melt on the whole surface before extinguishing it to avoid the formation of tunnel.


A 100% natural and biodegradable wax: 100% colza not tested on animals, without GMO nor pesticides and produced in Europe.
Cotton wicks without any chemical treatment, without lead and with a paper core.
Perfumes elaborated in Grasse without CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and toxic substances for the reproduction) nor phtalates and in conformity with the IFRA recommendations (International Fragrance Association).
Handcrafted in our workshop in the south of France.
Glass containers made in Europe, reusable and infinitely recyclable!

Keep out of reach of children. Harmful to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects. Dispose of contents according to regulations. If medical advice is needed, keep container or label available. CAUTION: Do not leave unattended. Caution: EUH 208 May produce an allergic reaction. Contains ACETATE LINALYLE, ALDEHYDE CYCLAMEN, LINALOL, ISO E SUPER, SALICYLATE BENZYLE, LIMONENE DROIT (+100), NERAL CRU, MAYOL, CITRONELLOL.

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