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Corked glass bottle of matches

You will love our bottle of matches! Pretty and practical in its glass container and cork stopper, our bottle of matches contains approximately 15 white-tipped matches 9cm long. This small bottle goes perfectly with all our Christmas candles.


The Ambers

Natural Candle

The ultimate natural candle experience.

If you're looking for a way to breathe new life into your home decor and create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, an Inwi natural candle is for you. Natural candles have become very popular in recent years for several good reasons. They offer a unique and pleasant aroma and are also environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals.

What is a natural candle?

A natural candle is a candle made from natural ingredients such as beeswax, soy wax or rapeseed wax. At Inwi we only use rapeseed wax. Unlike traditional candles, scented natural  candles do not contain harmful chemicals such as kerosene, making them a healthier and more environmentally friendly choice. They also burn cleaner and longer than traditional candles, so you can fully enjoy your natural candle?

What makes them special?

natural candle

There are many benefits to using a natural wax scented candle. Natural candles are made from renewable resources, making them an environmentally friendly choice. They do not emit harmful chemicals such as benzene and toluene, which are often found in traditional candles. This makes them a safer choice for people with respiratory problems or allergies. Finally, scented natural candles often have a subtle and pleasant aroma. This means they can create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in your home, helping you unwind after a long day.

Handcrafted natural candles: handmade is the name of the game.

One of the most appealing aspects of handmade natural candles is the attention to detail. Unlike mass-produced candles, handmade candles are made with care and precision, ensuring that each candle is both unique and of the highest quality.

Scented natural candle: The perfect accessory for your home.

A candle is the perfect addition to any home. It offers a subtle and unique aroma, and also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The amber jar offers a beautiful visual element that is sure to add a modern touch to any interior, a perfect choice for any room in your home. In addition, rapeseed natural wax is a renewable resource free of harmful chemicals, an environmentally friendly choice.

Inwi’s scented natural candles are a great way to add an elegant touch to your home decor and create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. An amber pot scented vegan candle made with natural rapeseed wax offers a unique and pleasant aroma that is sure to delight your senses. Handcrafted with care and precision, these natural candles are of the highest quality and are perfect for any interior. Why not add a natural candle to your home today and enjoy the many benefits they offer?